rachel aldana

I was born on March 26th (feel free to send gifts!! ;) in the midlands area of England where I also grew up and still live to this day. I come from a diverse background and family, with my Mum's side hailing from the midlands area of England and my Dad's side coming from the U.S. I love living in England and I'm a very proud Brit, but I also like to travel whenever I can, and I'll often do trips to Spain, France and pretty much all over Europe and the U.K. and of course I love visiting my Yankee friends in the U.S. and I still have a lot of family there as well.

Before I started modeling, I worked primarily as a hairdresser and stylist, which I still do and still love. There's just something very rewarding about cutting and shaping a person's hair and helping them craft their own style and being creative about it. As you also might imagine, having that kind of job leads me to sometimes experiment with my own hair (sometimes to the dismay of the Pinup crew ;) but most of the time it turns out quite lush.